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Different Ways To Clean Your Hands

Cleaning your hands well is the most important personal hygiene that prevents germs and bacteria from leading to infections and sickness. We recommend washing your hands after visiting public places. Use Hand Sanitizer can be used to avoid infections and various diseases.

The use of Hand Sanitizer is a perfect solution for cleaning your hands and it is important for the prevention of various diseases. 

Washing Your Hands vs. Hand Sanitizer:

  • Hand sanitizer and handwashing are not one and the same. Each method fights germs and dirt very differently, leading to a different type of clean altogether.  
  • Washing your hands with soap and water is a good practice of hand hygiene. However, only washing hands will not kill invisible germs or will not kill 100% germs.
  • People often start cooking food without cleaning their hands. These can cause food poisoning. Therefore, Bluelily recommends before you start cooking food, an individual must clean your hands with sanitizer that kills all the germs over your palm and results in healthy food.
  • According to the CDC, an alcohol-based sanitizer with at least 60%-95% alcohol can help prevent infections, sickness, and spreading germs to others.
The practice of cleaning your hands will keep you healthier and safe. Dirty hands can harm you just by touching your family members with infected hands. At many public places even by touching any surface areas the germs and bacteria can get onto our hands and can make us sick.